About us

Gimbalabs builds technical, educational, and community infrastructure for people who want to show the world what Cardano can do. We believe that people learn best by doing things. If you've been looking for an entry point into how you can participate in Cardano, we think you might find it here.

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Team: Updates Coming Soon (May 2022)

What we're building

Our founding team met by engaging deeply in Project Catalyst. We recognized that by sharing ideas and seeking connections between projects, we could start a process that led to more people solving more problems and building more solutions on Cardano. You can still read our original proposal here.

Here are some things we are working on right now:


Dandelion is both a set of services and a containerized framework for deploying those services. We are currently teaching operators how to run Kubernetes to deploy a Dandelion node, and we are building ways for those nodes to communicate seamlessly to provide distributed access to Cardano. Learn more.

Project-Based Learning

We are piloting a "Plutus Project-Based Learning" (PPBL) team that gives developers a chance to gain hands on experience with Plutus by working on real projects. One outcome of PPBL is that we are creating documentation and task suggestions for additional developers to learn Plutus by using it. Another is that we will apply what we are learning about Project-Based Learning to other tools, like Atala Prism and Dandelion.


At weekly Playground meetings, community members can share ideas. Join us every Tuesday at 5pm UTC - all details are on the Gimbalabs Discord server and on our community calendar.


There are several projects that we are eager to release in the next few months. Take a look around this site to learn more about what we are building. As each project is released, we will share it here.


  • Learn by Doing
    When we have experiences, our learning is real.
  • Collaborate
    New technology always creates new ways for people to collaborate, and blockchain is no different.
  • Stay Flexible
    We don't know exactly where this new technology will take us, so we create space for incomplete ideas and we embrace uncertainty.