Dandelion APIs

Developer tools to get you integrated into the Cardano blockchain, fast.


Start building on Cardano,from testnet to mainnet, we host you for free.

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Supported services

GraphQl API

Cardano DB Sync

Use this to perform SQL queries to gather info directly from cardano-db-sync’s database.

  • Cardano DB SyncGraphQl API
  • JSON-WSPJSON Websocket

Simulate Real Environments

Dandelion enable developers to easily reproduce locally complete architectures so they can focus on what they do best: solving domain specific problems.

Opinionated Open Source

Dandelion is a set of Kubernetes resources that integrate most of the currently available offer of OSS APIs to interact with Cardano.

GitOps friendly

Dandelion leverages ArgoCD to develop and operate infrastructure in a continous integration fashion using git repositories.

Validate Ideas Instantly

Deploy on

to orchestrate a complete catalog of required Cardano services.

Preconfiguredenvironments ready to go

Dandelion provides you with a
containerized solution
that allows developers to run the same stack locally than on-premise or on our hosted service.

Cut your set up time to minutes instead of hours

DevOps pipelines

to get you integrated in Cardano infrastructure

Our flexible GitOps recipe lets DevOps engineers to focus on integrating Cardano infrastructure with their projects and extending them to fit the needs of their teams and customers.

Ride with us

we will maintain and evolve our platform so you can focus on yours

Launching, maintaining and evolving the platform of Cardano applications required to fully integrate with the blockchain, is a complicated Ops business, and it requires to be tackled by subject matter experts, but don’t worry we’ll take care for every minor and major platform update so your team can focus on stuff that matters most to you.

Our ethos

is open

Meet the team
Open Source
Being the center of ongoing development to leverage tool use to everybody by building a shared understanding and under defined quality standards. Dandelion core offering is and will always be Open Source, allowing external developers, adopters and users to explore and enhance it.
State of the art technology