Cardano Starter Kit #010
What can I do with GameChanger Wallet? (Part 1)
Learning Targets
I can create a multi-output transaction in GameChanger wallet.
I can add native assets and metadate to a transaction in GameChanger.

What can I do with GameChanger Wallet?

If you've been following along with previous Cardano Starter Kits, you've learned a bit about how to build transactions, add metadata, and mint NFT's the "hard way". Hopefully these videos have helped you to get a feel for what's going on "under the hood" on the Cardano protocol.

Of course, moving forward, we all need tools that will make it easier for more people to build real solutions on Cardano. GameChanger Wallet is one of those tools. This CSK features Adriano, the creator of GameChanger Wallet. We introduce the wallet interface and provide an overview of how GameChanger makes it easier to:

  1. Create multi-output transactions
  2. Interact with multiple native assets in a beautiful user-interface
  3. Add metadata to transactions

This is the first in a series of three "GameChanger CSKs". We'll be back with deep dives into the GameChanger Playground and GameChanger Dapp-CLI soon.

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Celebrating the first collaborative GameChanger CSK

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