Cardano Starter Kit 005
The Gimbalabs Local ADA Spending Challenge
Learning Targets
I have an idea of what native tokens and token bundles will look like on Cardano.
I can make a plan and drive adoption of Cardano by spending ADA in my community.

The Gimbalabs Local ADA Spending Challenge

This is our first collaborative Cardano Starter Kit, and it's the first one where we're sending you out into the world on a mission. In this CSK, we'll outline the challenge and take a look at tokens on Cardano's Launchpad network.

Proto is a new collaboration between CAAASTdotLIVE and Gimbalabs

Intended Audience

You should take a look at this Cardano Starter Kit if you're curious about how tokens work...and if you'd like to contribute to the historic roll out of Cardano!

Why did we make this challenge?

  • We want YOU to drive ADA adoption in your community.
  • We'd like to show you what native tokens look like and how they can be sent in "token bundles", and we hope that this inspires your thinking about what Cardano can do.
  • We'd like to gather and share some stories. We'll present all challenge submissions at, because we want all people to have ideas for how they can contribute to the widespread adoption of Cardano.
  • Finally, we are always experimenting: with ways to collaborate, with how we format our content, and how we engage with you.

Submission Guidelines


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Shell Scripts

In this repository, we are including these files for your reference. In order to use these scripts you'll need to have a passive node running on Cardano's Launchpad (see configuration files here).

In Proto Episode 1, Roberto takes us on a brief tour of

What does it look like to use these scripts?

While recording Proto, we didn't quite get to the point of showing how the scripts work. Take a look here: asciicast


  • If this is the sort of thing you'd like to learn more about, try reading the official docs. We are considering running a live workshop for people who want to tinker with a Cardano node without running stake pool. If you're interested in something like that, please reach out by joining us on the Gimbalabs Discord or via Twitter: @gimbalabs You can also learn more about cardano-cli and shell scripts by reading through the .sh files included here alongside Steve Parker's famous Shell Scripting Tutorial (
  • If you go back and forth between these resources, you'll start to see how all of the pieces fit together!
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