Cardano Starter Kit 004
Mini-CSK: Transaction Metadata
Learning Targets
I am familiar with how transaction metadata works on the Cardano blockchain.
I can name the five binary files that are operating behind the Daedalus wallet interface.

A "mini-csk" on Transaction Metadata

You should look at this starter kit if...

You're curious about how transaction metadata works on Cardano. At the end of this CSK, we hope that this experiment will help you to have some big ideas about what metadata might do.


  • 2:24 - Viewing metadata on Cardano Blockchain Intelligence
  • 4:46 - When was the first metadata posted to the Cardano blockchain?
  • 8:30 - Navigating metadata by "key"
  • 10:03 - How does metadata change the cost of a transaction?
  • 12:16 - What does metadata look like on the web?
  • 14:19 - Looking "under the hood" of Daedalus Wallet
  • 16:42 - What Gimbalabs did: tinkering with Daedalus and the database it creates to post strings and lists of strings as tx metadata


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