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What is metadata?

"Metadata" is all the stuff we can't see in the outward facing content of a computer file. Every photo you take on a digital camera, for example, includes metadata that is separate from the image itself. My iPhone keeps metadata about the date, time and place, as well as the camera parameters, for every photo I take. I'm not thinking about this data when I look at my photos, but I can see it any time in the details.

In a Cardano transaction, metadata is separate from the actual value that is sent in the transaction. Metadata is stored on the permanent ledger, and might tell a story about the value that was exchanged, but has no impact on the outcome of a transaction (except that it increases the fee by a little bit).

Video Bookmark: What is Metadata?

Metadata on the Cardano blockchain

Thinking in JSON

We can consume data with Dandelion

We can post data with LIFT Wallet

Example: Let's post the responses from CSK 001 as metadata

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