CSK #006

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What can I do with Transaction Metadata on Cardano?

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  1. What is metadata?
  2. Metadata on the Cardano blockchain
  3. Thinking in JSON
    • { "key": "value" }
    • Distinguishing between arrays [] and objects {}
    • You can have an array of objects: [{...}, {...}, {...}]
    • And an object can be an array: { "key": [1, 2, 3] }
  4. We can consume data with Dandelion
    • mainnet and testnet
    • PostgREST and GraphQL
    • Using metadata to conditionally render a front-end
    • What about authentication and security?
  5. We can post data with LIFT Wallet
    • Release 0.2.0 is hardcoded for experimentation on testnet
  6. Example: Let's post the responses from CSK 001 as metadata

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Building Background Knowledge:

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Self-Guided Project Ideas:

  • Use LIFT to post metadata to Cardano Testnet, then build a simple front end to consume and show that data.
  • Read A Journey into Bitcoin Metadata. Are there any projects that we should tackle on Cardano?

Next Steps

  • In our next CSK, we'll provide the an overview of tokens, including minting the first two limited edition tokens for Cole and for Juan!
  • Let's learn as much as we can about metadata and tokens, so that we can be prepared for smart contracts -- we've got a few months to learn. Join us on Discord if you'd like to get involved.